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Aromasin Exemestane

Aromasin Exemestane was approved in 1999 and popularly used for breast cancer treatment. It was originally manufactured by Pharmacia and Upjohn at that time but today Pfizer is the popular brand name for its production. Aromasin comes under the class of aromatase inhibitor and its common inactive ingredients are: mannitol, hypromellose, microcrystalline cellulose, magnesium stearate, polyethylene glycol 6000, titanium dioxide, polyvinyl alchohol, crospovidone, colloidal silicon dioxide, sodium starch glycolate, simethicone, sucrose, methylparaben, polysorbate 80 and magnesium carbonate. The active component of Exemestane is crystalline powder which is of slightly yellowish colour and its molecular weight is 296.41. Aromasin is insoluble in water whereas it acts as a soluble substance for methanol and N-dimethylformamide.



Aromasin works as an aromatase inhibitor. It prevents estrogen related side effects just the same way that Arimidex and Letrozol work but with its own unique traits. Aromasin was originally developed to help people who were struggling with breast cancer as well as to treat menopausal symptoms. Many athletes use Aromasin to counteract the negative side effects that anabolic steroids can cause as testosterone is converted into estrogen. While estrogen levels are directly related to our overall well-being controlling estrogen related side effects during training is a huge priority for any bodybuilder athlete.
Aromasin can directly inhibit the process of aromatase and helping athletes to avoid the common side effects from anabolic steroids. As a result many athletes absolutely need to use this medication while they are on a steroid cycle as well as to recover after a steroid cycle. It’s extremely mild and can be taken over a long term to affect your body chemistry and help you to normalize the effects of long-term steroid use throughout cycles. Aromasin is also completely available in both tabs and liquids. This means that you can take them orally and inject as well. Ultimately you can be more difficult to get dosages correctly with the liquid form of this medication so many athletes prefer to use the oral format.


Generally athletes need to only take just one tab of the oral format per day to normalize their body chemistry and prevent estrogen related side effects. If you regularly experience serious water retention or enlarging of the breasts through training taking just one tab every day could be all that you need to prevent these negative side effects.


Using Aromasin during any aromatase in steroid cycle is absolutely required by bodybuilders to keep seeing quality gains. Getting the doses correctly is very important and this is why so many bodybuilders opt for the oral version as it lasts longer and is much easier to regulate.


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