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Dianabol 25MG

Dianabol 25MG


Manufacturer- Genetix Pharma
Pharmaceutical name- Dianabol Methandrostenolone
Tablet (Oral Dosage) – 25 mg (per tablet)
Dosage- Men, 25-100 mg per day (or as advised by the physician)
The Genetix Pharma Dianabol Methedrostenolone is an oral consumption steroid derived from testosterone with extremely strong anabolic and androgenic properties. The manufacture of the steroid started in the 1960’s for gaining muscle strength and mass among the athletes and the sports men. It climbed up the charts of popularity among men swiftly due to its easy consumption and quick results.
The steroid is extremely popular amongst body builders as it shows vast improvement in the mass and strength along with giving a pump to the muscles during intense work out sessions. The Genetix Pharma Dianabol Methedrostenolone is responsible for a sudden increase in the protein synthesis of the body along with the retention of nitrogen inside the muscle cell which aids in the body building process. The drug is a jump start steroid which shows results faster than most of the other ester based steroid injections or pills.


The general dosage of Genetix Pharma Dianabol Methedrostenolone tablets should be 10 mg per day for body builders who seek instant results. The cycle for dosage lasts for a period of 4-10 weeks depending upon the benefits desired from the steroid.
Once a person has started the dosage of the pill/steroid, it would be advisable to wait for the entire cycle to finish before termination of the administration as it might cause withdrawal symptoms.
The 10 mg dosage is the safest since it has minimum side effects and withdrawal symptoms post consumption. However, in certain cases the dosage might be increased to 25-75 mgs per day if the person is switching from high ester hormone steroids to Genetix Pharma Dianabol Methedrostenolone.
It is important to note that Dianabol Methedrostenolone can be detected in the urine and blood samples for a period of 20 days with the new testing techniques and in some cases the traces can last for 30 days as well.
Some body builders prefer to combine the dosage of Dianabol with estrogen inhibitors to reduce the side effects.


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