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Testosterone Enanthate


Testosterone Enanthate


Genetix Pharma TESTOSTERONE ENANTHATE 250mg/ml
Manufacturer- Genetix Pharma
Pharmaceutical name- Testosterone Enanthate
Vail Size- 250 mg/ml
Active life- 15-16 days
Dosage- Men, 250-1000 mg/week (or as advised by the physician)
Testosterone is one of the most essential steroid from which many other steroids are derived. Also, testosterone is a male hormone which is responsible for many distinct functions inside a human body such as growth and maturity of sexual organs. The testosterone also lays a vital role in the muscle and bone growth in the males until they reach maturity. Also, testosterone is a secondary sexual hormone in the female body and is responsible for regulating various physical, emotional and mental aspects of development in their body.
Testosterone Enanthate is an essential drug which is used to treat conditions pertaining to the production or regulation of Testosterone in both males and females. However, there are several other medical conditions as well which are treated by the use or administration of Testosterone Enanthate under medical or non-medical setup.


Some of the most essential conditions under which the Testosterone Enanthate intramuscular injection is administered are:
One of the most primary uses of the drug is for building muscle and helping them mature in the athletes and other sports men/women. The drug also helps in protein synthesis which is also essential for proper muscle growth and regeneration.
It is also used for compensating in testosterone in the body in case there is under production i.e. if a person is experiencing low levels of Testosterone.
It is used to increase androgen receptor count in the body along with increasing the IGF-1 levels.
The drug is also prescribed in case a person is experiencing low libido.
The initial administration of the injection should be done in the presence of a doctor to know the correct procedure and technique to be followed. However, the drug can be used or administered at home based on the duration for which the dose has to be taken, period between each dosage and quantity (amount in mg/ml) of dosage as directed after the first procedure. The Testosterone Enanthate is a steroid injection which has to be taken intra muscularly and hence, given on the buttock muscle. It is essential to note that the steroid should not be administered intravenously (IV) as it might have dangerous side effects.
The dosage is generally administered once, twice or thrice in a week depending on the severity of the problem, Testosterone levels which are detected by a blood test before the first administration and the effects or side effects of the first dosage. However, Enanthate is dosed between 300-2,000 mg per week depending on the case and condition for a cycle of up to 8 to 16 weeks.
In some cases a person might feel withdrawal symptoms. Under these circumstances it is advisable to consult the doctor to reduce the withdrawal caused due to a possible addiction to the hormone. Misuse of the drug in the sense of over use, especially to gain muscle strength and physique, may cause addiction and drug seeking behavior in some. Hence, in such cases one should consult the doctor for help.
The Testosterone is known to cause water retention in the body and hence, the users should regulate or design their cycle accordingly for better benefits from the steroid


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