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TNT 400 Norma


TNT 400 Norma



Buy TNT 400 Norma

What is it:

Buy TNT Steroid aka ‘Test & Tren’ blend. The feedback from the community is that this is a very potent blend. Great for use in existing cycles as part of bulking or cutting. (Cycle dependant). The blend provides a strong impact for existing body builders and athletes.

Effects and benefits:

Great for cutting or bulking, however traditionally used for heavy bulking cycles by advanced users who are looking for a high impact blend with strong results in good time.

Become strong and lean.  Thanks to the blend maintaining a positive nitrogren balance in your body, this will help you keep lean. Allowing you to hit the gym, maintain your exercise routines and hit the weights when you need to!

Feedback from this blend, users are advising they recieve minimum water retention and is a strong blend to use for advanced users.

Contains the following concentration:



Feedback states that TNT can be very potent, especially for new users. Which is why we recommend TNT for advanced users.

As a starting point we recommend users take 1ML per week spread across either 1 or 2 injections.


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