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TNT 400



“TNT 400”

TNT 400 is formed by combining Testosterone Enanthate and Trenbolone Enanathate in a specific amount as 250mg and 150mg respectively. This popular combination of two steroids is very helpful for mass builders. Trenbolone is the combination of best steroids which helps you to build great muscles without or very less water retention problems. Prescribed dosages of this drug is 400 to 800 mg per week for males. This is a great option for all athletes and trainers to be active during long practice hours.
Some side effects of this drug include very high level of toxicity due to use of Tren. This test is considered much better than any other straight test but can cause little swell. Some other side effects are blackheads, baldness in male pattern, enlargement of prostate and aggression. Due to its toxic nature it acts hard on liver as well as kidneys. Even in some cases you can see blood with urine. Still some people make use of tren cycle in combination with other bulking cycles just to take advantage of the hard lean look that comes with Tren. But during this cycle users are requested to take care of their liver and kidneys.
Stacking Trenbolone:
Trenbolone shows very interesting behaviour of stacking as when combined with Dianabol or Anadrol, very strong synergistic effects is observed. It gives excellent results in this combination. Besides this Trenbolone shows extremely different behaviour if combined with methenolone, oxandrolone or drostanlone. Such combinations are popular to reduce side effects of Trenbolone.
The best effective dose of trenbolone ranges from 35 to 150 mg/day or it can be extended up to 50 to 100 mg per day. If a person is highly sensitive to side effects of trenbolone, then it is sufficient to use 35mg per day. If with this low amount of tren, people want to see fast effects then it is good to stack it with some other injectable steroids. Masteron and testosterone is best choice for this case.
Even mass strength is maximized with a dose of 100 mg per day but for the desire of increased nervous system it is good to increase it up to 150 mg per day. With stack of anabolic steroid, some people find the regular dose of 50 to 75 mg sufficient to see the best results. These milligram disage are specified for injections only and with this amount users can see efficient results. Because it is a light ester substance so it is better to use in with injections.


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